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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Pinned Notes in HubSpot CRM

When working with a prospect or customer, you need quick access to the most vital and relevant information. As more and more interactions rack up in that person's timeline, this gets a whole lot tougher. Today’s update enables you to pin the most mission-critical note at the top of any record in HubSpot CRM, ensuring the most important information is always front and center for both you and your team.

If you’re a sales rep, you might pin a note about organizational structure at the top of the record, for quick reference on your next call. If you’re in customer success or account management, you could pin a note referencing an ongoing technical challenge the customer is facing. If you’re a sales manager, pin a note for a deal’s owner with suggested next steps. Any way you choose to use it, the new feature simplifies cross-team communication and takes frantically searching and scrolling in the timeline out of your pre-engagement routine.

How it works

Navigate to any record in HubSpot --- contact, company, or deal. Find a note on the timeline that you’d like to pin, and click Actions > Pin Note.

From that point forward, the note will be pinned to the top of the record, until either it’s unpinned (Actions > Unpin Note) or another note is pinned in its place, in which case an alert will appear:



A quick technical FAQ:


How many notes can be pinned?



Can anything other than a note be pinned?

Not at this time.


Is pinned note the same for all users?

Yes. There’s a single pinned note for any given record, that all users see.

Do pinned notes roll over to associated records?

No. In other words, if you pin a note to a contact, you can pin a different note to companies or deals associated with that contact.


Pinned notes are now available in all HubSpot CRM portals. In addition, Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise portals (sans CRM) will have the ability to pin notes on contact records. Head over to your Contacts database to check out the new feature.