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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Personal Outreach at Scale: HubSpot Video in Templates & Sequences

The HubSpot Video icon and the ability to insert videos is now live within the templates and sequences tools -- empowering you to easily share personal-feeling video content from the day-to-day tools you use inside HubSpot.

People love highly personal, authentic, and actionable video. HubSpot Video, brings the impact of video to your entire business. With video features directly integrated into templates and sequences, it’s now easier than ever for your sales and customer service teams to leverage 1:1 video as a part of your process at scale.

When creating content in templates or sequences, simply click the HubSpot Video icon from the editor. You’ll be able to choose from past video content or record new content to embed into your message.



From there, you can go about using your template or enrolling contacts into your sequence like you always have -- your videos will be seamlessly embedded into your message. In Sequences, you can also create or insert a video when enrolling a contact in a sequence, giving you the opportunity to share a highly personal message with your prospect.

Who gets it, and in what languages?

HubSpot Video embedding in sequences and templates is now available in Sales Hub Professional & Enterprise, and Service Hub Professional & Enterprise. You’ll need a paid seat of Sales or Service Hub to embed videos into sequences, though any user can embed videos into templates. This update is available in all languages supported by HubSpot.