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by: HubSpot Moderator
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[Open Beta] All-New Custom Report Builder

Now live (open beta) is an all new custom report builder that brings all your HubSpot data together in one place. The custom report builder beta gives you access to significantly more powerful reporting. You'll gain insights with ease through data sources across Marketing, CMS, Sales, or Service Hubs, as well as custom objects and integrations.

Jump to the new report builder in your portal (pro and enterprise only). 

Why does it matter?

Custom reporting is supported in HubSpot today with the single and cross-object report builders, but the data available in these builders does not represent the full Flywheel. For example, it’s possible to build a cross-object report about contacts, companies, deals, or tickets, but marketing email, blog, landing pages, website pages, ads, or any HubSpot data that isn't considered a "standard object" is missing altogether. For customers, this means countless hours spent exporting, joining data in Excel, and building reports elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.02.49 AM

The new custom report builder brings all HubSpot data into one place, allowing you to answer specific questions that span the Flywheel, such as:

  • Which marketing emails were opened by target accounts?

  • How many of my shipments [custom objects] were associated with a closed deal over $10,000?

  • How many form submissions do we receive weekly?

  • Did any of my prospects in pipeline view a video?

This level of visibility into the full Flywheel will be impactful for any business that aspires to grow.

How does it work?

 Today 20+ data sources are available to report on. The custom report builder features a powerful and streamlined workspace that allows users to filter and visualize data in new ways. Knowledge center article to help get you started.

There are 5 steps to building a report in the custom report builder:

  1. Select data sources

  2. Select fields (fields include both object properties and interaction "event" data, like opens, clicks, views)

  3. Filter report (under Filters tab)

  4. Configure report (under Configure tab)

  5. Save or export

Who gets it?

Available to all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.

What language is it in?

All languages supported by HubSpot.