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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now live] Facebook Audience Sync

As Facebook has grown in popularity, it has become a reliable way to reach almost any audience. (Today, the average adult spends 50 minutes of their day on Facebook!)

The trouble is that running segmented campaigns on Facebook has always been a hassle. In the past, this meant downloading CSVs from Hubspot and uploading them into Facebook. Lots of manual effort, and it also meant that lists were only up to date for a short window of time after they were loaded.

Introducing Facebook Audience Sync

Audience Sync, a new feature of HubSpot's Ads Add-On, makes it easy for marketers to extend the reach of their targeted marketing efforts beyond just their email campaigns and out to the world’s largest social network.


With just a few clicks, you can start syncing your smart lists to audiences on Facebook's advertising platform to retarget and nurture existing contacts in your funnel, or run ads to generate targeted new leads.

How it Works

Using Audience Sync is easy. First, you'll need the HubSpot Ads Add-On, a paid add-on to the HubSpot Marketing Hub. From the Ads Add-On, click “Create Audience”. You’ll have the option to create an audience based off your website traffic, or select a smart list you’ve defined in HubSpot. You can learn more about setting up ad campaigns and audiences here.

Once your audience is set up, you’ll have the ability to create a corresponding campaign on Facebook that leverages that audience. The best part - as your list updates, your audience updates too.

Give it a try today

Audience sync puts powerful tools for nurturing your existing customers and generating new, targeted leads in your hands. If you aren't using the Ads Add-On yet, you can learn more below.