[Now Live at Starter]: Share Invites With a Link

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee
What is it?
When you invite your team member to join your HubSpot account, you will now have the option to simply copy and share the invite via any channel of communication you prefer!
Why does it matter?
It's easy for email invites to the different applications your team uses to get lost. We want to give you a much easier way to invite your team to join you on HubSpot! What's more, you get to pick how you invite your peers: Sally from Sales doesn't check her email as much and you're worried she might miss the invite? Oh no problem, invite her via Slack so she doesn't miss it! Or via any other messaging platform she's on.


How does it work?

Under "Users and Teams" (located in your settings), click to create new users and enter the email address. After adding your team member to your account, and sending them the email invite, you'll see an option to "Copy Link Invite". You can copy and share this link across any messaging channel for your team member to join your HubSpot portal!


Who gets it?

This is now live to all portals, at the Starter tier, only.