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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Now Live - Workflows Alert Roll-up

What is it?
In the Workflows tool you'll now see a roll-up view of important issues and suggestions for a given workflow. This means you no longer have to hunt through a workflow to see issues you need to fix. This feature is live today May 26, 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.49.43 PM

Who gets this update?
All HubSpot customers who have access to Workflows (Professional & Enterprise customers) will see this feature inside of the tool.

How it works?
Navigate to any workflow in your portal, and you’ll see a button in the top left that says “Alerts.” If there are any errors or suggestions, there will be a badge icon that reflects how many there are left to resolve. Once you expand it, you can click on any of the items and it will open the action to which the error or suggestion corresponds in the side panel, and you can address it. 


Why it matters?
Creating workflows can be tricky, and a bad workflow can create issues for many of your customers or prospects. This roll-up gives you confidence during that process by surfacing any issues that might be hidden in branches or further down the workflow in one central place. It also adds visibility to errors in workflows that are already active, for example, if an email gets deleted, you'll now see that that email is breaking the workflow.

Click here to see the new feature live in your HubSpot Portal.