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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Visual Refresh of the CTAs Tool

What is it?
The CTA Editor has been visually refreshed to match the rest of HubSpot’s tools. Today, all users can opt-in to the new editor.

Why is it important?
Following the visual refresh of forms, updating the look and feel of the CTA editor creates a similar user experience across HubSpot when building conversion points for your website. The new design also does away with the pop-up modal in favor of an editor sidebar, which is more in line with the rest of HubSpot’s tools. The goal is to ultimately create a similar experience for users as they build out conversion points across tools.

How does it work?
Once you opt-in to the new CTA editor, clicking “Create CTA” will open up a sidebar allowing you to create a CTA all on one screen. On the “Design” tab, users will be able to edit the color, text and size of their CTA, or make the CTA button an image CTA. Clicking over to the “Options” tab will give users the ability to determine what happens when a site visitor clicks on the CTA, and also associate that CTA to a campaign.

The dashboard has also gotten rid of the multiple gear icons, in favor of a much simpler ‘Actions’ dropdown next to each CTA.

The CTA Details page now reflects other tools within HubSpot, and includes a visual report to show users how their CTA is performing over time.

Other wins include a more intuitive CTA Preview that includes variations of your CTAs, and an in-app picker within the page editor that makes it easier to search for and find the exact CTA you need for your pages.

Who gets it?
All users can currently opt-in to the new tools.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot