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[Now Live] Visual Refresh of Content Strategy

What is it?
Both the Content Strategy dashboard, as well as the topic cluster editor have been visually refreshed. This update makes it easier to tell exactly which pieces of content make up your topic clusters

Why is it important?
As search engines have developed to recognize intent, ensuring that you are writing in-depth content on a specific topic that is optimized for search is far more important than worrying about where you rank for an individual keyword. This is where Content Strategy comes in. This visual refresh of Content Strategy makes it easier to see exactly which pieces of content are linked together within a topic cluster

How it works
When entering Content strategy, users will now see a list view of all their topic clusters, instead of the card-style view shown before. The four metrics present on the content strategy dashboard are the same as before.


When clicking into the editor for a topic cluster, users will see not only their pillar topic and subtopics, but also the titles of each piece of content linked within the topic cluster. Keeping the content associated to your topic cluster present at all time highlights the importance of structuring your site in a way that search engines will reward.


It's also worth noting that when clicking on a piece of content, the editing sidebar now appears on the right hand side of the screen, instead of the left, to create more consistency with other HubSpot editing experiences. The sidebar also shows different metrics for subtopics and for core topics. For subtopics, it shows monthly search volume and core topic similarity. For core topics, it shows monthly search volume and also domain authority.

Who gets it
This change is now live for all Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise Customers.

What languages is this in?
All Languages supported by HubSpot.