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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Updates to HubSpot Calling

What is it?

Starting today, we've updated HubSpot Calling minutes limits, and introduced HubSpot provided phone numbers. This new feature allows users to make and receive calls that are automatically logged in the CRM. Learn more here.


Why does it matter?

What's Changing:

Previously, calling minute limits were set on a per-user basis, and using those minutes did not require a paid Sales or Service Hub seat. Beginning on May 2, minutes will be shared across the entire account to give you more flexibility in how you use them. Users will need a paid Sales or Service Hub seat to tap into those minutes. (Free users/accounts can now access 3rd party calling integrations.)



How does it work?

In addition to shared minutes, paid Sales and Service users can now access HubSpot Provided Phone numbers. United States, United Kingdom, and Canadian phone numbers are available now for users residing in any country to use for both inbound and outbound calling. Support for additional countries is coming soon.


Note: Users can still register an external number for making outbound calls, but a HubSpot-provided number is need to receive inbound calls that are automatically logged.


New calling minute, and HubSpot provided phone number limits by tier:

  • Sales or Service Hub Starter: 500 minutes per month and 1 HubSpot phone number
  • Sales or Service Hub Professional: 3,000 minutes per month and 3 HubSpot phone numbers
  • Sales or Service Hub Enterprise: 12,000 minutes per month and 5 HubSpot phone numbers

Professional & Enterprise accounts are able to purchase limit increases for minutes, and phone numbers.

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