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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Update existing rows in Google Sheets from workflows

What is it?

Through the Google Sheets workflow integration, you can now update existing rows within your sheet (in addition to creating new rows).


Why does it matter?

With workflow integrations, you can automate actions in third-party apps from within HubSpot. One of the most popular integrations is with Google Sheets; many companies use Sheets to centralize information and create reports.


Previously, you could only add *new data* to *new rows* in Google Sheets. But what about existing data? Nobody likes an outdated Google Sheet!! With the new action, you can update existing rows in your Google Sheet from HubSpot workflows, so your sheets stay fresh, your team aligned, and your reports accurate and up-to-date.


How does it work?

You can add the Google Sheet integration by:

  • Navigate to Automation > Workflows. Edit an existing workflow or create a new one, and create a new action.
  • Select the "Connect an App" tab.
  • Find "Google Sheets."
  • Click on Google Sheets.
  • Authenticate using your Google account.
  • Go back to the Actions panel and scroll to the bottom to see your Google Sheets actions. Select the "Update Google Sheet Row" action.

Note: if you've already installed the Google Sheet integration, you can skip the steps above; simply add an action to a workflow and select the "Update Google Sheet Row" action.


Within the action:

  • Select the Spreadsheet and Sheet you wish to use
  • Then select the Lookup Column from your Google Sheet and the Lookup Property from within HubSpot that you want to use to associate the object to the row in your Google Sheet. HubSpot uses this value to determine which row to update within the Google Sheet. With that in mind, make sure you use a column and property that are unique.



  • Choose whether you wish to create a new row if there is no match between your HubSpot property and an existing row in the sheet.
  • Select the column headers and the matching properties that you wish to keep updated in each row. This is the data that will update in the Google Sheet when the workflow runs.

For more details on how to set this up, you can check out our Knowledge Base doc.