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[Now Live] Sync Health

What is it?

Sync health is a set of improved diagnostics on a running data sync to display how many, which records are being kept in sync and which aren't. Records will sometimes not sync either because of a user configuration or because of a sync error.


Why does it matter?
A couple of weeks ago we started showing the status of the sync which would give some indication of the sync either being idle or actively syncing. However, you were still unaware of what HubSpot was really doing with your data. In fact, sometimes certain records did not sync at all because of some sync errors happening behind the scenes. The new feature, Sync Health, will include a couple of counters that will provide more insights into exactly what's happening in the sync:
  • which records are syncing
  • which records are being excluded from the sync
  • which records are failing to sync
How does it work?

Inside the app's sync settings, we've added a new tab called 'Sync Health'.
Note: While the app illustrated in the screenshots below is Pipedrive, the functionality is identical for all 100+ data sync apps.
IN SYNC lists all the records that HubSpot is currently keeping in sync between HubSpot and your other apps. An active mapping exists between the records in your other app and HubSpot - this allows HubSpot to keep the contacts up to date at all times, even for changes in email addresses or company names. Records are kept in sync for as long as they match the filters in your configuration. Once they don't meet those filters anymore, they will transfer from the "in sync" list to the "records excluded" list.

RECORDS EXCLUDED FROM SYNC lists records that are not supposed to be in sync, either because they do not match any of the filters that have been setup inside of the sync, or because they don't have an email address. In the latter case, they can be included in the sync by selecting the 'Avoid duplicates' option of a contact sync.


FAILING TO SYNC lists contacts no longer kept in sync. There are many reasons for this: a required field is missing, fields contents cannot be synced, HubSpot detected a duplicate, etc. The reason why the sync failed will be displayed in the tooltip. The information is fed directly to HubSpot from the third party app and navigating to the tooltip will allow you to fix the error so the sync can work properly.