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[Now Live] Set a Default Dashboard & Manage your Dashboards

 You can now set a default dashboard in HubSpot so you are brought to the most relevant screen when clicking the sprocket logo in the new navigation. All reporting add-on users will also be able to manage their dashboards from the new dashboard manager.

Why Does it Matter?

In the old navigation, toggling between the Sales Hub and the Marketing Hub gave you a different set of tools to choose from. That meant that our platform users who operated in both hubs, had to continuously switch between the two navigations in order to work within HubSpot. To support our platform users, we added all hubs into one navigation to make it easier to use tools across hubs


In this new navigation, we’ve moved ‘dashboards’ under the reports dropdown, and the Sprocket logo now acts as the ‘Home’ button. The Sprocket icon brings you back to your dashboard, but because we’ve unified all three Hubs, we previously defaulted to the Marketing Dashboard. This wasn’t ideal for a sales rep who wanted to quickly see their sales dashboard, or a support manager looking to see case volume. This new feature lets you set a personal default dashboard, so you can quickly access the data that is the most important to you. For reporting add-on users, the ability to manage your dashboards will let you take greater control over your reporting, and more quickly find the reports that matter the most to you and your team.

How does it work?

When on any dashboard screen, clicking ‘Actions’ in the top right will give you the option to set a default dashboard.


Once a default is selected, clicking the Sprocket logo in the navigation will bring you to your dashboard of choice.

Additionally, when accessing the dropdown list of dashboards, reporting add-on users will now have access to a dashboard manager.


While in the dashboard manager, admin users will be able to see which team, personal, and private dashboards are in their portal. They can quickly rename a dashboard, change ownership of a dashboard, edit the visibility of that dashboard, or remove dashboards within one central location.


Who gets it?

The ability to set a default dashboard is now available to all HubSpot users, while the dashboard manager is available to all reporting add-on users.

What language is it in?

All languages supported by HubSpot