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[Now Live] Service Hub, Import your existing Knowledge Base

What is it:

Now live is a new import tool that allows you to transfer all the articles from your existing knowledge base into the HubSpot Service Hub knowledge base with just a few clicks. The tool allows you to transfer knowledge bases from the following platforms:

Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, Helpscout

You can access the import tool in settings under knowledge base

Why does it matter?

If you're considering moving your knowledge base over to HubSpot Service Hub you might be dreading the task of recreating all your articles. It can be a time intensive process or maybe even stop you from switching. We hope this update eliminates hours and hours of time spent copy and pasting and makes it much faster to get started with Service Hub. The new import should eliminate the vast majority of all manual work associated with making a move. 

import 1

How does it work?
An import can be started in two places:

1. Knowledge Base onboarding steps

import 2

2. From the knowledge base settings

import 3

To get started simply enter the url of the homepage of your knowledge base and click Import.

import 4

The import process will then start by crawling your existing knowledge base, finding the articles that need to be imported. As soon as the articles have been found the import will start.

import 1

Once the import is completed you will be notified via email and also within the notification panel.

import 5

Who gets it?
This feature is exclusive to Service Hub Pro and Enterprise packages. 

Things to look out for when importing: 
There are a couple of things that may not import well based some limitations, they are: 

Tables - Our editor currently does not allow tables (we are working on it). There will be a placeholder in the imported article for the table. The user will also be presented with a CSV file of articles that they need to fix because of this limitation.

Side by side images - These images will appear vertically

Custom styled divs - We currently do not allow custom styled divs in the body of our articles.
Nested lists (we are working on it)

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