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[Now Live] Service Hub Enterprise

What is it:
Now live is Service Hub Enterprise - a new package of service tools that helps sophisticated service teams. This new package includes everything thing found in pro, our new enterprise platform level features, and the new tools Goals (coming soon), and Playbooks (live).

Why it matters
Quickly after we launched Service Hub in May we started getting lots of feedback from more sophisticated teams around what they needed to implement Service Hub. In general they were looking for more flexibility and control. They needed a better solution for their more complex team structure, international growth, or more complex systems.

The new platform level enterprise features satisfied many of these needs in as do the addition of a few new dedicated enterprise products.

Service Hub enterprise can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the new HubSpot Growth Suite bundle.

What’s inside?

Service Hub:
Enterprise users will get everything that is part of Service Hub professional today.

Enterprise platform features:
Service Hub Enterprise is built to grow with your team, as you expand, and specialize. The new enterprise level features such as teams, custom bots, added reporting, and more make that easy.

Learn more about the new enterprise features here.

Service Hub Enterprise also features a number of new and coming features to help sophisticated teams.

Playbooks (now live)
These smart, built in, best practices, scripts, and more make it easy for your agents to access the best advice for customers in any given situation, even if they just joined the team.

Goals (coming soon)
Goals provides individual agents and teams the ability to report on metrics related to a specific personal goal. For example an agent can track their total avg. response time related to a company wide customer service level agreement. 

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What languages is this available in?
All available languages

What language is it in?
This update is available in all languages supported by HubSpot.