[Now Live] Scheduled Workflow Triggers

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

What is it?

You can now trigger HubSpot workflows on custom, pre-defined intervals, to better support your recurring processes.


This feature is exclusive to Operations Hub Professional and Operations Hub Enterprise.


Why does it matter?

Workflows are HubSpot's automation engine. They help you automate manual tasks, like sending emails and managing data.


Workflows can be triggered dynamically, when a record meets a specific set of criteria that you've defined (e.g. when a contact property has a certain value). These triggers are great, but they don't solve for repetitive business processes that aren't tied to a specific change or event, and instead need to happen on a regular, specific cadence. Two examples:

  1. You want to automatically clean up data every Thursday night, before you run your weekly reports.
  2. You want to create tasks for your success team on the first of every month, to remind them to run a health check for each of their customers.

These are processes, that until now, have required manual effort to implement.


With today's update, you can now automate recurring process like these for the first time, saving you time and making your business more efficient.


How does it work?

When creating a new workflow, choose the type of object you want to automate, then choose to build a workflow that runs on a schedule, and configure your schedule.




Once you're satisfied, save your workflow, and off you go!


Scheduled triggers are now live in Operations Hub Professional and Operations Hub Enterprise.


Explore scheduled triggers in your workflows tool now.