[Now Live] Sandboxes

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Sandboxes are production-like accounts where customers can safely try new things with the context but not the impact of production. These accounts mirror the features, functionality and limits of the customer's production account.


As HubSpot adds more functionality, we understand that making a change is riskier and it can become harder to isolate and understand downstream impacts. Customers need a safe place where they can experiment and test changes without permanently changing data or interacting with their customers.


How does it work?

Sandboxes can be found in Settings --> Account Set-Up --> Sandboxes and are visible to Super Admins. Each customer can have 1 sandbox that match the products and add-ons of their production account. Each sandbox automatically syncs the super admins from the production account to the sandbox account. Other users can be added to the sandbox account the same way users are added to standard HubSpot accounts.


When you make a change in production, you can update your sandbox to reflect those changes. Today, you can sync:

  • Deal and Ticket Pipelines
  • Properties and Property groups (excluding rollup and calculated properties)
  • Themes, templates and modules
  • Custom Object Definitions

Check out this knowledge article for a full rundown of how to use Sandboxes.


Who gets it?

Sandboxes are now live for all Enterprise customers.