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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Salesforce Sync Errors Visual Refresh

All users of the Salesforce integration with HubSpot now have a visually refreshed Sync Errors page to help manage and resolve outstanding errors.

Why does it matter?
This sync errors page of the integration settings was originally built to show errors for contacts. As our CRM and integration with Salesforce have grown more sophisticated this page has not grown with it. With this update, you can now view errors by object type and see engagement errors based on related object. This should more clearly display errors and allow users to view all records impacted by a sync error.

How does it work?

Toggling over to the Sync errors tab within Salesforce Settings, a user will see a list of sync errors, and the number of items affected by that error. Clicking on a specific error will reveal a side window that gives more detail on the error, links users to documentation, and shows them exactly which records are affected by the sync error.


Note that this now includes contact, company, and deal records.

Who gets it?

This is now live to all Salesforce-integrated portals.

What language is this in?

All languages supported by HubSpot