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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Rotate Leads to Teams and Custom Owners

What is it?
Now live is the ability to both rotate leads to a Custom Owner (HubSpot user) property and rotate leads between a Team within Workflows.

Why does it matter?
Before, when rotating leads, you could only assign them to HubSpot Owners, but there are many other types of owners that users have in HubSpot (e.g. Customer Success Owners, Onboarding Owner). Having the ability to rotate to any HubSpot user property extends automation to support any instance when a contact needs to be rotated to an owner.

You use Teams to manage groups of HubSpot users, allowing you to update Team membership in one place instead of having to update it across all HubSpot apps. Now, if you opt to rotate leads between a Team, it will automatically take into account users you add or remove from the Team - which helps you seamlessly keep your process up to date.

With today’s updates, automation makes it easy to scale your business in HubSpot as your team grows.

How does it work?

  • When building a Workflow, hit “Add an action” and select “Rotate leads”
  • To rotate to a custom owner property, select the desired HubSpot user property from the first dropdown
  • To rotate within a Team, select “A team”

Rotate Leads-1

Who gets it?
Available to all HubSpot Sales Professional users.

Available in all languages supported by HubSpot.