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[Now Live] Payment Object in the HubSpot CRM


What is it?

Today, we’re introducing a new CRM object: the payments object.


HubSpot payments aims to integrate commerce with CRM so that you can break the silos of back-office and front-office, use fewer tools and grow better. We are excited to take the first step towards this goal by making managing payments in HubSpot CRM simple with the payments object.


How does it work?

With this launch, the following tools & experiences will be enabled:

  • Improved payments information in HubSpot:
    Powered by the payment object, the brand new payments index page gives you a view of all payments information stored in HubSpot. Additionally, this update includes:
    • Crafted default table with multi-parameter search and filtering capabilities
    • Ability to create and share custom table views (e.g. all refunds, all failed payments)
    • Default associations, one-click route to payment links, reports and payouts



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  • Trigger automation on payments
    Payment data flows seamlessly through all the HubSpot tools, enabling you to automate various internal and external processes, including:
    • Send a custom email, on-boarding documents, meeting links to the buyers when paid
    • Assign a task to an on-boarding rep after a payment is collected
    • Sync payments as paid invoices and paid invoices in Quickbooks Online. Learn more here.
    • Enroll paying customers in lists automatically, based on the links they use to pay



To learn more, check out this knowledge base article.

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