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[Now Live] New Dashboard in Customer Feedback tool, Service Hub

What is it?
Now live is a new feedback dashboard that shows a list of all your surveys, from all types, on one centralized screen as well as a banner to help you get started with the feedback tool. You can create and manage all your surveys from this one window.

View the dashboard live in your portal by clicking here. 

Why does it matter?
Previously, you would see the same intro page every time you went to the feedback section of the tool, regardless if it’s the first time you set up a survey or not. If you’ve already set-up several surveys, seeing this page repeatedly is irrelevant and does not add value.

As your business grows and you do more surveys, having an overview of the number of surveys you created as well as the overall results simplifies your process and view. You’ll be able to see all surveys on the same page regardless of their type or status.

You’ll no longer have open questions like,  “How many surveys did I create in total?”, “How many submissions did I get for each one?”,  “What was the general rating for each one?”, you’ll be able to see the answer at a glance on your feedback dashboard. 

How does it work?
Before you dashboard looked like this: 

As of today your dashboard looks like this: 

When you go to the customer feedback section in your navigation bar, you will see this page if you already have a survey set up.

From this page you’ll be able to view all the surveys you published or sent, no matter the survey type, with a summary of the rating, the number of customers surveyed and the number of responses received. Under each survey you can see the survey status, whether it’s in draft or published, as well as the delivery method (email or web).  

Who gets it?
This update is now live to all Service Hub Professional and Service Hub Enterprise customers.

What language is it available in?
All languages supported by HubSpot.