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[Now Live] Multi NPS Surveys & Cloning Surveys

What is it?
Now you can set up multiple NPS surveys and send them to different cohorts of customers and in different languages. You'll also be able to easily clone and delete surveys.
Why does it matter?
This is an important step towards building more flexibility and creating value for our customers with feedback surveys. Below are a few scenarios you may consider for using multiple NPS surveys:
- Your company manages more than 1 brand and you want to measure NPS separately
- You might have a different way of segmenting your customer base and want to trigger the survey differently for each cohort
- Your customers may be located in different countries and you want to survey them in their native languages
- Your feedback strategy requires a separate web and email survey
How does it work?

Cloning Surveys
To clone a survey, you'll start by creating a duplicate of an existing survey. Then you can update the content, design and choose the survey recipients. Cloning helps save time and effort throughout the process of publishing surveys live. This will also be available for Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.

Multi NPS
You can set up additional NPS surveys by following the same steps you take today - click "Create Survey" and select NPS survey. Alternatively, you can clone your existing NPS survey - click "Clone" in the more dropdown and it will create a clone.

Who gets it:
This feature is now live for Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.

What languages is this available in?
Available in all languages supported by HubSpot.