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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Microsoft Exchange integration for email and calendar

What is it?

Users can now connect their Microsoft Exchange account to HubSpot as a connected inbox or for use with the Meetings tool. This includes the option of using a static IP range that can be added to an allowlist by IT teams.


The integration is designed for accounts using on-premises servers running Exchange 2010 SP2 and above. Exchange Online users should connect using the Office 365 integration.


Why does it matter?

Users wishing to connect their Exchange accounts to HubSpot were previously unable to use any calendar integrations and were required to use the generic IMAP connection for email. This integration has been specifically built using Microsoft’s best practices for syncing data with Exchange servers to ensure the most reliable experience for our users.

A connected inbox enables users to send individual emails and Sequences, as well as log email replies to the CRM. An integrated calendar allows users to create Meetings links to share with contacts.


How does it work?

To connect your email account to HubSpot, navigate to Settings, General, then Email or Calendar depending on which you would like to connect. Click “Connect personal email” or “Connect your calendar” and select Exchange.


Follow the connection prompts. Enter your credentials and click “Connect inbox”.


Functionality Limitations


  • Only personal inboxes can be connected. Exchange accounts looking to use team emails with Conversations should use the hosted email feature.


  • Cancel / Reschedule in Meetings will not work for Exchange-connected users
  • Bi-directional sync between calendars is not supported for Exchange users
  • Meetings created via a CRM record will not be added to an Exchange Calendar
  • Meetings created in an Exchange calendar will not sync into HubSpot as a calendar event
  • Insert clickable times is not available to Exchange customers

Who gets it?

The Exchange integration is now available to all portals, including the Free CRM.

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