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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Meetings Integrates Better with the HubSpot Platform

No, this isn't a HubSpot Connect announcement, but it might as well be - our own Meetings app is integrating more deeply with the HubSpot platform to create a more cohesive user experience for you and your team.

Frequent feedback from our users, particularly those of you on our Growth Stack, suggested that many of the differences between the way Meetings works and the rest of HubSpot platform works felt arbitrary to you. You’d ask us questions like:

  • “Why isn't Meetings like any other page on my website?”
  • “Can I get analytics on how my Meetings pages are performing?”
  • “Can Meetings booking be treated like a form?”

You wanted a solution in Meetings that spans the entire front office, and with this release, we're delivering.

1. Control Your Branding by Hosting Meetings Links from Your Own Domain

You’ve spent a lot of time getting the perfect domain name for your brand, wouldn’t you like to use it? Previously, all Meetings links were hosted by HubSpot without the ability to choose to host the Meetings links on your own domain. With today’s update, you can. Simple as that.

This means more opportunities to show your customers who you are, which gives you even more control of your brand in HubSpot.

How does it work?

  • Go to Settings > Sales > Meetings and click on the Custom Domains tab
  • In the dropdown, choose the desired domain and hit save

Who gets it?

Available to users of both Sales Hub (Starter or Professional) and Marketing Hub (Basic, Professional, or Enterprise) who have their DNS set up.

2. Get Valuable Page Analytics on Your Meetings Link

 With today’s update, your Meetings link will function the same as any other page on your website. That means you’ll have access to page views, conversion rates, and other analytics available in HubSpot. This will work whether the Meetings link is hosted on your own website or on one of HubSpot’s subdomains.

How does this work?
We’ve added a portal analytics code to Meetings pages, which means they will function like any externally hosted webpage with javascript installed. You can access analytics in a variety of places: traffic reports, page analytics, contact timeline page views, etc.


Who gets it?
This update is available to all HubSpot users.

3. Meetings Submissions Now Act as Forms

That’s right - all of that valuable information you collect from a prospect when they fill out your Meetings link will be put to better use than ever. With this update, you can now:

  • Associate the user’s email address with a cookie when they book a meeting (Note: the cookie will be specific to the domain the page is hosted on)
  • Segment Lists and trigger Workflows based on meetings booked
  • Run reports based off of Conversion information

How does it work?
When a meeting is booked through Meetings, a form submission corresponding with the Meetings link is submitted.


Who gets it?
The ability to cookie users is available to all HubSpot users. Triggering Workflows is available to Sales Professional, Marketing Professional, and Marketing Enterprise customers. 

All of the above updates are available in all languages supported by HubSpot.