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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Lead Ad Automation

When creating or editing a Facebook lead ad within HubSpot, you’ll now have access to a number of new options. When creating a new lead ad, you’ll proceed through a wizard which includes a guided setup flow, and most importantly, the ability to automate follow up tasks for the leads that submit on your lead ads. You can also access these automation options by editing an existing lead ad.

Why does it matter?
Facebook lead ads are a quick and easy way to grow your list of leads within HubSpot. When clicking on them, users will be presented with a pre-filled form directly within Facebook --- all they have to do is press submit. This makes lead ads ideal for mobile conversion. The new lead ad experience not only makes it easier to create these lead ads, following a pattern that is familiar from other HubSpot tools, but it allows you to automate your follow up process and plan for next steps within your prospects buying journey. For example, you could use the automation options to create a smart list of contacts. That list could then be used as the audience for a different ad campaign. You could also enroll all contacts who fill out a lead ad into a workflow that will send a follow up email to these contacts.

How does it work?
Within the ads tool, create a Facebook lead ad. This will initiate a guided setup flow similar to the one used within the CTA Editor. In the first step, you’ll be asked to name your campaign. In the second step, you’ll create your lead ad within the Facebook popup modal, similar to how you always have. In the third and final step, you’ll be given the option to automate the lead ad.


From this screen, you’ll be able to select users you want to notify when you get a new contact, add these contacts to an active list, and also create a workflow that uses filling out that lead ad as its enrollment criteria.


Users of HubSpot’s free ads tools will see the option to edit any lead ad campaigns they created within HubSpot on the campaigns dashboard. Add-on users will see the option to edit any lead ad syncing with HubSpot by clicking down to the ad level.

Who gets it?
This is now available to all users of HubSpot’s ads tool, with different functionality depending on which version of the Marketing Hub you have. All users will receive access to lead ad notifications. Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, and Enterprise users will be able to add contacts who converted on a lead ad to an active list. Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users will be able to enroll contacts into a workflow.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by Hubspot.