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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Introducing the Today View on Mobile — a new home for sales reps

What is it?

Introducing a new home for sales rep that surfaces their upcoming tasks and meetings in one place.

Why does it matter?

Currently, reps are working from their inboxes, CRMs, calendar, spreadsheets, notebooks…any number of disparate applications all in an effort to figure out what to do next, execute their sales activities, and ultimately to hit their sales goals.

With the Today view, HubSpot gives reps a personalized command center - it’s the first thing they log into and use throughout the day. This is their single source of truth for everything they need to do today to reach success, all in one single tab.

Sales development and closing reps spend most of their day in this tab and intelligently work through their sales activities, follow up with prospects to set meetings, build pipeline, and close deals.

The Today view makes it effortless for reps to engage their prospects throughout different phases of the sales cycle. Reps can keep track of their prospect touchpoints and scale their outreach efforts—building personalized relationships with ease.

How does it work?

With the Today View on Mobile, you have one place to see upcoming priorities for the day with visibility into your day's tasks and upcoming meetings.

The Today tab currently includes two sections: tasks and meetings.
Within tasks, you can:

  • See the tasks for today or any overdue tasks
  • Quickly call or email your prospect directly from the task
  • Complete the task
  • View all your tasks

Within meetings, you can:

  • See your upcoming meetings for the day
  • Open the meeting to see the description, navigate to your map if you have location set or open the web conferencing link
  • A second screen where you can see all the meetings for the day and log any notes, set meeting outcome (Android Only), and more!

Who gets it?

This is now live to all. 

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