[Now Live] Introducing the Academy App on Mobile

by: HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

What is it?

The HubSpot iOS and Android Apps now provide access to the HubSpot Academy and all the content within it. Review lessons, watch videos, and download coursework, right from the palm of your hands.

Why does it matter?

You’ve all seen the massive growth in demand for our educational content since the pandemic began. What you didn’t see is the role that mobile is playing here with a third of all traffic coming from Mobile devices.

People aren't tethered to their desks. They learn at their own convenience - while walking the dog, driving their kids to school or those in-between moments between meetings.

The Mobile App is a perfect solution to these in between moments and with this update, we bring the depth and breadth of the Academy content to Mobile.

How does it work?

To access the HubSpot Academy, make sure your iOS and Android App is up-to-date. Then, navigate to the "More" menu and scroll down. Here you will see the option to access the Academy.

Couple of things you can do here:

  1. Use the carousel to jump straight back into the lesson your paused earlier on desktop
  2. Use the recommendation engine to find courses you are interested in
  3. Tap to play videos, increase speed, or download resources.
  4. Play the video and pop your headphones on. Turn off your screen and go for a walk. Grow Better - at your convenience.