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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Introducing Tracks in the Learning Center

What is it?
The Learning Center just got smarter and more flexible. Introducing Tracks - a scalable way to feature long-form content that is built on top of smaller, bite-sized Lessons.

Lessons are a combination of assets (videos, quizzes, practical exercises, etc.) containing tactical advice to reach a specific objective. A Track is a prescriptive path of Lessons designed for you to learn about a broader topic and experience the HubSpot software along the way, such as SEO Training or Sales Enablement.

Certifications now live within Tracks under the same names you know and love, making it easy for you to seamlessly continue collecting badges. You can even take the exam for a Certification directly within the Learning Center. In addition to Certifications, you now have the ability to follow Tracks simply for the purpose of learning practical knowledge you need in order to grow better.

Why does it matter?
We’ve found that users go into the Learning Center with different goals in mind - some of you are getting a certificate to highlight on your resume, and some of you simply want to learn more about a topic in your field in order to excel in a new job or overcome a challenge in your existing role.

With today’s update, you can now reach success and mastery through inbound marketing, sales, and services in whatever form suits your learning needs.


How does it work?
From the main navigation, click the Academy cap icon and select “Learning Center”:
TracksNav.pngThen, get yourself set up and choose what Track you’d like to explore:

Ready to take an exam for a Certification Track? Take it directly within the Learning Center:


Who gets it?
Available to all HubSpot users.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot.