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[Now Live] HubSpot for Shopify (Ecomm Integration)

The HubSpot-built Shopify integration is now live and available for all users to connect. 

This integration is free for users with HubSpot and Shopify. The integration was built supercharge growth for ecommerce businesses using Shopify. Marketing customers who have access to email and workflows will get advanced functionality. However, the integration does work for all instances of HubSpot and just syncing data and contacts from Shopify to the HubSpot free CRM helps create a unified view of your business. 


Ecommerce as an industry has experienced massive growth. People love the ease and convenience of buying online. It's never been easier to start an ecommerce online business. However, it's still a challenge to grow. Giant's like Amazon can create a roadblock for small businesses. 

With inbound small businesses can quickly modernize their marketing, build a community of users, and establish a brand that helps them stand out and grow, even in the shadow of an online retail giant like Amazon. 

What will you be able to do with Shopify connected to HubSpot? 

1) Seamless Online Store Integration

The integration syncs Shopify data into HubSpot. You'll be able to turn Shopify customers into contacts, orders into deals, and a new object Products will be available in HubSpot. 

2) Marketing Automation for ecommerce.

With HubSpot you can use your ecommerce data such as deal stages, or purchase pattern as signals to build lists and trigger workflows. The integration comes with three pre-built workflows: abandoned cart nurturing, new customer welcome and re-engagement. 


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3) Track Products and Orders

You’ll be able to bring orders into HubSpot as deals. Each deal will have associated line items that reference individual products. This lets you organize and analyze purchasing patterns, customer LTV, campaign ROI, other reporting features. It also makes it easy to build lists and segment on order data.

Now live in HubSpot

No change to pricing - the Shopify integration is free for HubSpot customers granted they are already a Shopify customers, which is a paid tool. This integration works with all Shopify and HubSpot pricing plans.

Who gets it:
All HubSpot customers .

What languages is this available in?
All supported languages