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[Now Live] HubSpot - Google AdWords Integration

As of today, our Google AdWords integration is live and available to all customers via the Ads Add-on.

Connect your AdWords account to HubSpot today through a free trial of the Ads Add-on.

The Ads Add-On connects directly to your AdWords account through OAuth. Allowing HubSpot to edit AdWords campaigns and pull in ads data to combine with HubSpot data. This magical combination of data gives you the ability to automatically track ad conversions. It also shows you the ROI of ads down to the keyword, as well as which ad clicks turn into customers. 

Customers who have purchased the $100 Add-On or are in a free 30-day trial, will see Ads as a new option in the Reporting drop down.

What features does this integration enable? 

1. Create AdWords Campaigns inside HubSpot
If you've ever used AdWords you know there a lot of confusing steps to setting up a campaign. Now you can create Google AdWords campaigns right inside of HubSpot and we've simplfied the process. Allowing you to save time and combine ads with the rest of your marketing activities all in one dashboard. To help you save time we pull in your landing pages, auto create ads and keywords and help you set your bids. 


2. Automatic Conversion Tracking 
Clicks don’t equal money in the bank. To master ads you need to know how many leads and customers an ad generates. With this integration HubSpot, we’re able to connect the dots. We automatically report conversions and ROI for every ad and keyword automatically (no more tracking codes). Giving you deeper insights than just UTM codes to help you optimize. 

3. AdWords, Campaign Optimization
There is a lot to learn when it comes to ads. The industry is constantly changing and there are a million ways run your ads. It can take years to master. To help we've give you just the most important infomation for each of your campaigns. You can see exactly how good or bad an ad or keyword is at generating leads and customers, alllowing you to do more of what works and less of what doesn't. 


We'll be adding more top ad networks over the coming year. 

Click here to start your free trial today.