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Par: Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Équipe de développement de HubSpot

[Now Live] Fourteen More HubSpot-Built Data Sync Integrations

What is it?

A total of 82 HubSpot-built data sync integrations are now available in the HubSpot app marketplace, as we've added 14 more apps: Emma, Jobadder, Pike13, ShipStation, Scoro, Contacts+, Act!Premium, Wave, Kustomer, Recurly, Zoho Inventory, Bitrix24, Membrain, and VTiger CRM.


Why does it matter?

As businesses grow, so does complexity. Teams get their own tools, data gets siloed, disconnect ensues – and your customers suffer.


Data sync, the two-way, real-time syncing engine behind Operations Hub, makes it simple for disparate systems to work together.


With the launch of Operations Hub in April, you got access to 25 new HubSpot-built integrations powered by the new data sync engine, including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and more.


As we continue to improve the data sync feature, we'll build even more of the integrations that you — our customers — request most.


With these fourteen integrations in tow, you can now connect HubSpot with over 80 popular apps using data sync, over three times as many as were available when Operations Hub launched.


The new releases include digital marketing platforms (e.g. Emma), CRMs (e.g. VTiger), shipping platforms (e.g. ShipStation), and more.


How does it work?

For all these integrations, where relevant both the contact (or lead) and/or company object is available.


The integrations can be installed, just like all other integrations, through the HubSpot App Marketplace. A dedicated collection groups together all integrations with data sync for ease of discovery.


The new integrations are now available for free in your HubSpot account, with additional functionality available as part of Operations Hub's premium tiers.