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[Now Live] Embedded (Advocacy) Automation - Feedback, Service Hub

What is it:
Now live in the feedback tool, is new automation that allows you set up actions that are triggered by a contact's response to a NPS survey.

This new prescriptive step makes it easier for you to start to implement flywheel type tactics, such as emailing net promoters to inquire about their experience and tell them about loyalty programs. 

Embedded Automation - Feedback

Why it matters
The data you gather from customer feedback is essential for growth. Whether it’s feedback on your product, business, or own personal work, insights from how your customers think and feel will immediately help you make better decisions.

The secret to getting the most out of this valuable data is to put it to work as soon as possible. Taking action on feedback isn’t something most businesses do. By embedding automated actions right into the feedback process we’ll help guide you on what actions make the most sense, and help you to turn that feedback into actions that lead directly to growth. 

Examples of what’s possible with NPS feedback automation:  

  • Generate advocates automatically by emailing net promoters encouraging them to write a review, testimonials, or join a referral program. 
  • Automatically email net detractors who didn’t provide comments on their rating. This helps you dig deeper into their issue and learn more.
  • Create tasks or tickets for your team to follow up with customers based on their specific feedback.
  • Create slack notifications to share feedback more easily with your entire org.

How it works:
You can find these automation options when creating or editing a customer loyalty survey. They do not live in workflows, you can only find them in this section of feedback for now.

Who gets it:
This feature is currently available to Service Hub Professional customers.

What languages is this available in?
Available in all languages supported by HubSpot.