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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Customize the Navigation Menu Inside Your Customer Portal

What is it?

It is now possible to customize the navigation menu inside your customer portal.

Why does it matter?

In short, users expect to customize the navigation menu in their customer portal just as they would with any other HubSpot-hosted content. And now you can!


Until now, every customer portal had a default navigation menu with preset links and no pathway to customize the menu text or destination URLs, which presented a handful of issues:

  • HubSpot's default options did not always match existing branding. For those who typically call their "Knowledge Base" a "Help Center," for example, our default navigation menu text diverged from established branding that people were familiar with.
  • There was no support for external Knowledge Bases. We automatically populated a link to Service Hub's Knowledge Base tool. For those using an external Knowledge Base solution, there was no way to promote it within their customer portal.
  • There was no option to promote other useful content. We only allowed links to create a ticket, view all tickets, or go to the Knowledge Base. Other useful resources to share with customers -- like a video library or pricing page -- could not be added to the customer portal’s navigation.

How does it work?

Navigate to customer portal settings by choosing the "Customer Portal" link under the "Service" heading in the main navigation. In customer portal settings, go to the "Template" tab. Scroll down and choose the option to customize the navigation. In the sidebar that appears on the right, users can now choose to fully customize their navigation menu.


CMS Hub and Marketing Hub customers can select an existing navigation menu used elsewhere on their HubSpot-hosted website. Customizing the menu items here will update the navigation across all customer portal pages.


The customer portal tool is available to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts. Read more about how to edit the navigation menu and how to set up a customer portal in this Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions about the details of this change, please ask in the comments below.