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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Customize Lead Flow Form Fields & Block Specific Email Domains

What is it?
The ability to edit the field labels, and insert placeholder text on fields within your lead flows. In addition, you can now block specific email providers and domains from submitting on your lead flows.

Why it matters
Within the Forms tool, you can edit the label of any form field to better engage with your customers. For example, instead of “email,” you can customize this to say “Please provide us with your business email address.” Prior to today, the same option was not available within the Lead Flows tool. This update gives the two tools the same design pattern and field editing functionality. It also brings greater customization to Lead Flows, allowing you to have more meaningful engagements with your website visitors. Allowing users to block specific email providers and domains from submitting on their lead flows also tackles this long standing feature request.

How it works?
Navigate to Content > Lead Flows, and either create a new lead flow or edit an existing one. Navigate over to the Form tab in the Lead Flow editor to access where you can edit form fields.


Next to each field, you’ll now see a pencil icon. Clicking this icon will bring up the following side panel, where you can edit the label of this field.


Note that within the email field specifically, you’ll be given the option to not only edit the field label and enter placeholder text, but you’ll also be able to specify which email domains to block, and whether or not you want to block all free email providers.

Who Gets it?
This update is available to Marketing Starter, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise Portals.

What language is this in?
All languages supported by HubSpot