[Now Live] Custom Objects Properties available in Forms

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee
What is it?

You can now pull in custom object properties into your HubSpot Forms! 

Why does it matter?
You can now represent all the data that's important to your business inside HubSpot's CRM and associate it together to get a complete picture of your business.
In many cases, you may need to collect data via forms about one of your custom objects (such as details of a broken car part, or the booking details for a hotel room, etc.), but this was not possible earlier via HubSpot forms.
The good news is that you can now add properties from your custom objects directly to your HubSpot forms and collect important data from your customers, and understand your customers even better.
How does it work?

The custom object properties will be available in the left panel in Forms, and when you drag and drop a custom object property to the form, the property type will be highlighted next to the field name as shown in the image below:

f1f6150b-ed15-4ca1-8fd1-672d8b8c2f20.png Notable callouts:
  • Support for custom object properties in forms does not currently extend to pop up forms
  • Custom object records will automatically be deduplicated based on any property marked as unique on the object. For example: a Booking Reference Number (in a Hotel object example) or a VIN number (in a Car object example)
  • Custom object properties are not supported as Progressive Fields but do support Dependent Fields
  • Custom object properties in forms are only available in tiers where custom objects are available.