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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Compare Marketing Campaigns with the Comparison Tool

What is it?

Marketing Campaigns are now supported in the Comparison Tool allowing you to compare up to five campaigns side by side.


Why does it matter?

Marketing Campaigns represent one of the most significant initiatives a marketing team can make towards hitting their goals. Campaigns are a time-bound, goal-driven customer journey involving cross-team collaboration. This means it's even more important to be able to diagnose how each campaign is performing, and compare campaigns with one another to know what's working or not. Teams can now highlight areas of opportunity and learnings, with more ease than ever.


How does it work?

You will see three entry points into the new Comparison Tool, following patterns from Email, Social and Forms.


You can choose "Compare campaigns" from the main listings page:




Additionally, you can select multiple campaigns from within the listings table itself, and an option to "Compare campaigns" will become available:



And finally, from within the "Actions" menu of each individual campaign:




Once several campaigns have been selected (up to 5), you will then be presented with the full campaigns information set provided for each campaign and the assets within those campaigns:




Scrolling down, customers will be able to compare performance data for the assets included in the campaigns, matching the same data from the individual Campaign details page one-to-one. You can adjust the date range for the data provided and add/remove additional campaigns all from this same screen.


Who gets it?

This feature is available as part of the Campaigns tool in Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise.