[Now Live] Company Properties in Forms

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

What is it?

You can now pull in company properties into HubSpot Forms! In the past, forms have only allowed contact and ticket properties to be added as fields. With this update, company properties can now be added to regular HubSpot forms.


Why does it matter?

With company fields in forms, you can now collect both contact and company data within one form and have this information easily logged to your CRM.

How does it work?

Company properties will be available within the left panel in the forms editor. Upon dragging and dropping a company property to the form, the property type will be highlighted next to the field name as shown below:
Notable callouts:
  • Support for company properties in forms does not currently extend to pop- up forms

  • Company properties are not supported as progressive fields but do support dependent fields

  • Company properties in forms are available in all tiers of Marketing Hub.