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[Now Live] Collaboration Tools: Commenting Upgrades


What is it?

A huge feature upgrade to Commenting is now in public beta, allowing support for comment threads, and attaching/highlighting comments directly to individual parts of the asset you're working on.


Why does it matter?

As collaboration continues to shift more and more to online, you'll often have questions or thoughts while working on an asset in HubSpot. While there has been a commenting feature in Marketing Hub for a little while, the feature hasn't been integrated into overall work flow in-app as much as we'd like. We've heard feedback about this too, almost all the feedback we've received is directly related to the features we're releasing in this update:

  • "It's very practical but I would appreciate a function like in Google Docs that you can highlight sections as reference to each comment."
  • "I like that I can comment. I wish I could attach comments to specific parts of the email."
  • "It would be nice if we could highlight and comment on a specific part of the email while reviewing. It makes it more difficult for a sidebar to open up for comments, and then closing it out to keep reviewing content."
  • "I like the text formatting ability. Would be nice to be able to have more prominent comment indicators on screen or almost like Microsoft Word comments feature functionality."
  • "You cannot comment/highlight specific parts of the email which in my mind defeats the purpose of having the comment feature."

With that, we are upgrading our collaboration tools, specifically commenting, to answer these long standing feature requests and make commenting substantially more useful for you!


How does it work?

When you hover over the "Comment" button in the collaboration sidebar, you'll be presented with two options, "Comment mode" and "View comments".



When clicking "Comment mode" your cursor will be replaced with a + symbol and you can then drop a comment on any element on the page highlighted in orange:




When a comment has been left on a specific element of an asset, the thread can be viewed, and replied to, right inline where the comment itself was left:



Any comment left anywhere on that asset can also be viewed within the sidebar, so you don't have to click around to find it inside the asset, you can pull open the sidebar and find it right away:



Within the sidebar, you'll also find an option to show or hide the orange comment bubbles inside the app you're working in, in case you need to focus on the task at hand:




Who gets it?

This feature is available as part of Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise.


This is now available inside of Forms, Campaigns and Workflows (available inside Professional and Enterprise of all Hubs for Workflows).