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Par: Équipe de développement de HubSpot
Équipe de développement de HubSpot

[Now Live] Clone meetings scheduling pages

What is it?

The ability to clone meetings scheduling pages.


Why does it matter?

HubSpot's meetings tool enables you to schedule time with prospects and customers quickly and easily. For more flexible scheduling, you can create multiple scheduling pages for different contexts.


Previously, creating new scheduling pages required starting from scratch, leading to wasted time and inefficiency.


With this update, you can now clone scheduling pages when creating new ones, saving you headaches and facilitating easier connections with prospects and customers.


How does it work?

To clone of an existing scheduling page, navigate to Sales > Meetings, select the Action dropdown on the scheduling page you'd like to clone, and click Clone.



Define the internal name, organizer, and link, then click Save.




Note that you can also clone a scheduling page from the edit screen within an existing page.




There are two notable technical limitations:

  • Currently, only individual 1:1 scheduling pages can be cloned. Group and round robin scheduling pages cannot be cloned.
  • Meetings with a payment cannot currently be cloned.


Who gets its?

This update is now live to all Sales Hub and Service Hub accounts, Starter and above.

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