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by: Community Manager
Community Manager

[Now Live] CMS Starter Page Limit Update

What is it?

In an effort to support our customers' growth, we have raised the CMS Hub Starter website page limit from 15 to 50 and discontinued the practice of counting multi-language page variations towards the page limit.


Why does it matter?

As a growing business, you need to know your CMS can scale with you as your business expands. We heard loud and clear that our current page limit structure on CMS Hub Starter was too restrictive. By increasing our page limits from 15 to 50 and no longer counting multi-language page variations towards the limit, you can expand your web presence and generate more growth opportunities with our CRM-backed content management system.


How does it work?

CMS Hub Starter users will now be able to publish 50 instead of 15 website pages and can create an unlimited number of multi-language variations for each of the 50 pages.

For example, if you have five variations of your homepage in different languages—one for each region you support—only one page will be counted towards your 50-page limit.