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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Bi-directional Sync for Salesforce Accounts and HubSpot Companies

Recently, we released a beta of bi-directional account sync with HubSpot companies and Salesforce accounts. This feature is now available to all integrated portals. HubSpot will now create accounts in Salesforce and manage re-associations.

Why is it important?
Our integration with Salesforce lets you use both systems to meet the unique needs of your organization. Having information sync seamlessly between the two systems is integral to keeping your sales, marketing, and service teams on the same page when it comes to interactions with your customers.

This becomes difficult to manage when there are discrepancies between what you see in HubSpot, and what you see in Salesforce. In the past, you had to wait until an account was created and associated with a contact in Salesforce, then have it sync back to HubSpot to have a HubSpot company sync directly with a Salesforce account. With this update, you can now create company records in HubSpot that will automatically sync bi-directionally to Salesforce along with their associated contact in HubSpot, just as you would expect them to.

How does it work?
Now, if you your Salesforce settings are set to create new contacts in Salesforce when a new contact is created within HubSpot, and that contact is associated to a company in HubSpot, we will automatically create a new account record in Salesforce for the associated company. The new contact and account records will be associated in Salesforce just like they are in HubSpot.


Note: We will not create new account records in Salesforce if you have this setting set to create new lead records in Salesforce. Once the lead is converted to a Salesforce contact then the Salesforce account will sync with the HubSpot company.

There are a few other nuances to this update that are important to keep in mind…

  • If a newly created HubSpot contact syncs over to an existing contact record in Salesforce, and the Salesforce contact record is already associated to an account record, we will honor the Salesforce account ID on the contact record. Any associated company in HubSpot will be synced to the already associated account record in Salesforce.
  • If the association between a contact and a company is changed within either HubSpot or Salesforce, that update will sync to the other system automatically.
  • If you do not want HubSpot automatically creating accounts within Salesforce, we recommend turning off the setting within Contacts & Companies settings that automatically creates and associates companies with contacts based on their email address and company domain.


Who gets it?
This is now live to all integrated portals.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot.