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[Now Live] Automatically create NetSuite sales orders with a new workflow action

What is it?

A NetSuite workflow action–Create a Sales Order–is now available for deal-based HubSpot workflows. Customers can use this workflow action to automatically create sales orders in NetSuite, so their sales processes are more automated and streamlined.


Learn more about HubSpot’s NetSuite integration.


Why does it matter?

When customers close deals in HubSpot, they need NetSuite to reflect that info in order to kick off the next steps in the order fulfillment process. Previously, getting HubSpot deal info into NetSuite required tedious back and forth between teams and manual creation of sales orders in NetSuite.


Now, customers can leverage HubSpot workflows to automatically create NetSuite sales orders whenever they close deals or when new HubSpot deals meet a workflow’s enrollment criteria. This new workflow action helps customers automate repetitive communication between their sales and operations teams, stay in sync, and speed up the order fulfillment process.


How does it work?

Once you’ve installed HubSpot’s NetSuite integration, go to your NetSuite settings page in HubSpot then click on the “Feature discovery” tab. From there, under “Create NetSuite sales orders from HubSpot”, click the “Install workflow action” button. Please make sure to follow the authentication instructions here.





After authentication is completed, go to Automation > Workflows in your HubSpot account and select “Create a new workflow” and create a deal-based workflow. Then select the + button to open the “Set action” side panel.





In the side panel, scroll down to see the new workflow action available for NetSuite.





After you select the NetSuite workflow action, choose a NetSuite account, Subsidiary, Customer, and Items.





If you would like to send more data over for the sales order, select “Add another field” to pull in more fields from NetSuite and map data from HubSpot.





See our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions on how to set up this NetSuite workflow action.


Who gets it?

The NetSuite integration is available for all HubSpot users to install, however this workflow action is only available to HubSpot customers with access to HubSpot workflows (Professional plans or above). Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about the NetSuite integration.