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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] Associate Forms with your Marketing Campaigns

What is it?

Yes, you read that right, HubSpot Forms can now be associated with Marketing Campaigns in HubSpot.


This includes forms embedded on HubSpot pages, and forms embedded on external websites and content management systems.


You can view a video demo of this feature here. (Note: This video has no sensitive customer data, and can be shared with your customers or prospects if you think they'll be interested in it)


Why does it matter?

By a very wide margin, forms are one of, if not the most critical asset in any marketing campaign. They are the moment when someone goes from being unknown, to being a lead; from being uninterested or indifferent, to be willing to give you their information. That's big!


For over a year and a half now. the team has been working on rebuilding the campaigns infrastructure form the ground up to get us to a point where the system is stable and extensible enough to allow us to associate forms (and many many more assets) with campaigns, and that day is finally here.


How does it work?

You can view a video demo of this feature here.


This feature works just like any other asset inside Campaigns, customers can associate their forms with campaigns via:

  • The "Options" tab of the Forms editor


  • The "Actions" menu on the Forms Manage page


  • Or from the "Add Assets" flow inside a Marketing Campaign



This update supports the following types of forms:

  • Regular forms
  • Pop-up forms
  • Blog comment forms
  • Non-HubSpot forms

When a customer associates a form with a campaign, the form is also fully integrated into the rest of the campaigns tool. They'll be able to see the full impact on Influenced Contacts, Deals, and Revenue (in Marketing Hub Enterprise). The forms will also contribute to all the reports in the new Attribution tab:



Additionally, Forms are fully supported on the Assets tab too, with support for Commenting out of the box. Any comments that have already been made on the form itself will appear here, and any comments left on the form here will be available on the form itself in the Forms Editor:




Who gets it?

This feature is available for all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.