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[Now Live] Article Feedback: Knowledge Base, Service Hub

What is it:

Now live is a new feedback mechanism and insights that tell knowledge base users how helpful their customers find a given knowledge base article.

Why it matters

Making sure your articles are sufficiently solving your customers problems is essential in delivering effective self help to your customers. Allowing your customers to indicate if they found an article helpful will highlight the articles that are in need of an update.

Knowledge base article feedback

How does it work?

  • Each knowledge article now contains a feedback section with a yes or no button that allows customers to indicate whether they found the article helpful or not.


  • Each Yes/No click is tracked and reported upon in the article insights screen

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  • Individual article feedback insights can be viewed on the article details page


  • Every article feedback is also tracked on the contact timeline

Who gets it?
All Service Hub Professional users now have access. 

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