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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] Advanced Sequences

A fully revamped version of Sequences is now available to all Sales and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. The latest updates give sales reps the freedom to bulk enroll up to 50 contacts in a sequence at one time, pause their sequences based on task completion, and keep track of overall sequence performance with new sender score reports. 

The latest improvements to sequences make it easier and more efficient for sales reps to not only automate their sales process, but orchestrate their sales process with more flexibility and control than ever before. 

Reps can now enroll up to 50 contacts in a sequence at once. Contacts that have bounced, unsubscribed, or are currently enrolled in a sequence will be removed before a rep is brought to the enrollment screen: 


When creating a sequence, reps will now have the option to pause the sequence based on task completion. By default, uncompleted tasks will pause a sequence: 


Note that the behavior of any sequences created prior to this update will NOT change. 

All of these improvements also come with a new send limit for sequences. Instead of limiting users to 150 enrollments/day, limits are increasing to 500 automated 1:1 email sends per day in Professional and 1000 automated 1:1 email sends per day in Enterprise. 

This change gives reps more flexibility with their sequence enrollments, while still maintaining the safeguards required to prevent spammy email behavior (and the repercussions that follow, like decreases in email deliverability). 

To encourage responsible sequence sending, we’ve also introduced new “Sender Score Reports” which are designed to give insight into a rep’s average sequence performance: 


With sender score, managers can monitor spammy behavior and coach their team on optimizing for replies. 

All of these updates are now live to Sales and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.