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by: HubSpot Moderator
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[Now Live] - A new Knowledge Base article editing experience

What is it:

Now live are a series of improvements to the editing experience for writers working on knowledge base articles. You can find a full list of improvements are below.

To access the new editor, navigate to Knowledge Base click ‘Create Article’ or edit an existing article.

The updated editor now includes:

A redesigned toolbar

Redesigned toolbar-2

Indented lists
You can now ident items in lists by simply pressing the tab button while the cursor is in the list.

list image

Add images to lists
Images can be added to lists without interrupting the ordering within the list.

Add image to list


Easily add images to articles

Images can be added to article by dragging and dropping image files into the editor or by simply pasting an image into the editor.

Drag image into editor-1


Image resizing

Images can now be resized directly in the editor rather than having to resize images in another tool.

Resize Image

Inline images

Images can now added inline with text.

Inline images

Code Blocks

Help developers with their problems with code blocks.

Code blocks

Emojis 😃

Get your personality across to your customers using emojis.


Open embeds

Want to embed a video in knowledge articles that are not from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or Instagram? No problem you can now embed video or media from any other platform using code embeds.

Add embed to article

Improved HubSpot video functionality

You can now add Forms and CTAs to videos in knowledge base articles. CTAs are only available to customers that also have Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise.

video options


  • A host of bug fixes
  • Major performance improvements

Why does it matter?

The most important thing in a knowledge base is creating content to help your customers. Writing articles is what any person working on a knowledge base spends most of their time doing. This new editor saves writers time by simplifying the process and giving helps writers create beautifully formatted articles to help their customers.

How does it work?

To access the new editor, navigate to Knowledge Base click ‘Create Article’ or edit an existing article.


new kb editor-1


Please Note:
This new editor does not contain commenting. This was a temporary feature of the beta and we are sunsetting commenting as part of the move to this new editor. 

Who gets it?
This feature is in beta and exclusive to Service Hub Pro and Enterprise packages. 

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