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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Now Live] A Single Page for Notification Preferences

What is it?
Now live is the ability to manage all of your notification preferences on a single page.

Why is it important?
Configuring your notification preferences for any tool can be a confusing and arduous task. In the past, your notification preferences were scattered across different hubs and tools within HubSpot. That made sense in the beginning, but now with all of the new notification preferences available across HubSpot tools, it’s time for a change.

With today’s update, your notification preferences are more streamlined than ever. Each notification type is listed on the Profile & Preferences page, with an “Advanced Preferences” dropdown under each notification type for more granular settings.

With this single page, you can quickly scan the list, configure your preferences as needed, and get on with your day.

How does it work?
Go to Account > Profile & Preferences to manage all of your integrations on one page.

Single page notification preferences
Note:  Notification preferences for supported integrations like Slack and Workplace by Facebook are now in their own tab under “Notifications” > “HubSpot Integrations”. For the HubSpot integrations tab to display, you must have one of the supported integrations installed.

Who gets it?
This update is now live and available to all HubSpot customers.

What language is it in?
This update is available in all languages supported by HubSpot.