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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] A Shareable Link for your Forms

Forms now includes the option to create a shareable link. Users will now have the option to use the form in a HubSpot forms module, embed the form on an external site, or share the form through this shareable link.

Why does it matter?
Earlier this year, we added HubSpot’s native forms tool to our free marketing tools within the HubSpot CRM. Doing so allowed our free users to quickly and effectively generate leads within their CRM. But without access to our CMS, we were assuming that these users were able to easily embed a HubSpot form on their external site. Additionally, if you wanted to link someone to a form, directly within an email or social post, having access to HubSpot forms didn’t mean a whole lot to you. With this update, you can now share your forms with potential leads through a number of new channels. Share the form within an email, or over Facebook Messenger, and start filling your CRM with sales-ready leads.

How does it work?
When in the form editor, you will now see the ability to share your form in the top right hand corner.


Clicking the share button, you’ll be shown this modal which will give you the option to share your form using the new shareable link, or grab the embed code to put it on your external site. You’ll see a similar modal appear when you click publish on your form.


When someone clicks on this shareable link, they’ll be brought to a standalone form page that will look like this.


Who gets it?
This is now available for all Marketing Hub users.

What language is it available in?
All languages supported by HubSpot