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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] A Roundup of the New HubSpot APIs

Today, we are releasing a number of new or updated APIs.

  1. Analytics API
  2. Ecommerce Bridge API
  3. Line Item API
  4. CRM Object Properties API
  5. Tickets API
  6. Products API
  7. Associations API

All of these APIs are now live and documented at API’s are used by technical teams to build integrations and tools on top of the HubSpot platform. 

Why is it important

On its own, HubSpot is an extremely powerful tool you can use to manage your Marketing, Sales, and Service efforts to grow your business. It’s an all-in-one front office solution - but if your like most teams you have complimentary software and tools that help you run your business. HubSpot APIs let you fully integrate different tools into HubSpot, making it easier for you to share data, save time, run reports, create tickets, manage your ecommerce business, and in general work smarter with less complexity.

These new APIs further extend the power of the HubSpot platform, pave the way for new integrations for HubSpot Connect, and help make HubSpot a more loveable developer platform.

What does each API do?

Analytics API
If you use a separate reporting system from HubSpot, the Analytics API will let you pull HubSpot data into those reporting systems to inform your decision making. The Analytics API powers HubSpot’s traffic analytics tools, and is now publicly available for the first time.

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Here are some example integrations built on the Analytics API:

Ecommerce Bridge API

Our native integration with Shopify lets your ecommerce business fully lean into inbound marketing, giving you the tools needed to build your brand and establish a loyal customer base. But what if you use an ecommerce platform other than Shopify. Not a problem. The Bridge API lets you integrate your third party ecommerce platform with HubSpot so you can start to see the benefits of inbound marketing today.

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Here's an example integrations build on Ecomm Bridge API:

Line Item API
Line items link products and the specific information about the sale of a product, to your deals within HubSpot. This could include information such as quantity or price of a product that is being ordered.

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CRM Object Properties API
For any HubSpot CRM object, like a contact, deal, ticket, or product, you can create a custom property to store whatever information you may need. The CRM Object Properties API lets you manage these custom properties, and view the details for any default properties that are built into HubSpot.

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Tickets API
With the launch of the Service Hub, we now have a new object within the HubSpot CRM --- ickets. Tickets represent a customer request for service, and the response you make in reply to that request. The Tickets API lets you generate new tickets and edit existing tickets within HubSpot.

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Products API
Products represent the goods or services sold by your company. With the introduction of our native integration with Shopify, as well as the Bridge API, Products has become one of the core CRM objects within HubSpot. Use the Products API to create and manage products within HubSpot.

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Associations API
In HubSpot, an association can be created between each object. For example, a contact can be associated with a company and a deal. That deal could be associated to one of your products. Once that contact becomes a customer, they might reach out to your support team, and a ticket could be associated to their contact record. The Associations API lets you manage these relationships.

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Who gets it?
These APIs are now available for all HubSpot users.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot