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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Now Live] A New Way to Preview Your Emails

What is it?
There is now an all new way to preview and share your drafted emails, and ensure that your email looks as expected across a variety of screen sizes and email clients.

Why does it matter?
When creating marketing emails within HubSpot, it’s important to ensure not only that all internal stakeholders are happy with what you are sending, but that your email looks great no matter what device or email client the end-recipient will be viewing it on. This is because different email clients have their own rules regarding how they render marketing emails. In the old tool, there was no easy way to see how your email rendered across different email clients unless you personally used that client, and you could check it through sending a test email. This update gives you more options for previewing your emails within HubSpot so you can ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

How does it work?
Within the new email editor, you’ll now see a “preview” button located in the sub-navigation at the top right hand corner of the email editor.


Clicking this button, you’ll be brought to the new preview modal. The preview modal includes two tabs --- devices and clients. On the devices tab, you’ll be able to preview your email on a desktop or mobile device. You’ll also be able to preview the email as a specific contact. Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise users can also generate a shareable link of this preview.


On the clients tab (only available to Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise users), you’ll be able to preview how your email will render across a long list of email clients. The top ten email clients are pre-selected, but you can also go through the long list of available email clients to determine which client is important for you to preview. After running your test, the previews will appear within a carousel style view, and you’ll have the option to view your email with image blocking on, or view results of previous tests you’ve run on the same email.


Who gets it?
This is now available for anyone using the new email editor across Marketing Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise portals. The ability to preview an email within a specific email client, and the ability to generate a shareable preview link, are only available to Marketing Hub  Professional and Enterprise users of the new email editor.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot.