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New in the App Marketplace: Essential Apps for Marketing Hub


What is it?

A new collection of recommended integrations is now available in HubSpot’s App Marketplace highlighting the essential apps for Marketing Hub. Try out these integrations that are popular with Marketing Hub customers and recommended by HubSpot:


  • Amplitude: Track in-product events with Amplitude and add them to contact profiles in HubSpot, developing a better understanding of how customers use their products. 
  • Demandbase: Automate complex growth workflows with account engagement analysis, performance measurement, segmentation based on niche criteria, and multi-channel ABM automation.
  • Hightouch: Keep customer data fresh and synced at all times, from all sources, so you can easily map each customer’s journey and provide a more personalized experience.
  • Lucky Orange: Create heatmaps and track all web engagement events, then set up workflows and alerts in HubSpot to keep customers engaged and serve up leads to your sales team.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Bring your own CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics, and connect it with Marketing Hub and reap the benefits of a unified source of truth for your company.
  • NetSuite: Sync data between NetSuite and HubSpot to cut out manual data entry, allowing marketing teams to build a fuller picture of prospects, leads, and customers.
  • ON24: Enable seamless, engaging digital experiences and convert more attendees by syncing ON24 webinar data with HubSpot.
  • OneSignal: Create personalized mobile and web push notifications via HubSpot workflows to engage contacts across channels.

  • RollWorks ABM: Sync, segment, score, and prioritize the leads, plus use ABM targeting to create dynamic digital ad campaigns, then track performance in HubSpot. 
  • Salesforce: Sync Salesforce with Marketing Hub to get a full view of marketing and sales activity across your company.
  • Segment: Centralize customer data from all sources and teams, plus capture user activity and map behavioral events and add to HubSpot contact records.
  • Sendoso: Automate direct mail gifting with HubSpot workflows and measure ROI on direct mail or experience-based campaigns.
  • Supermetrics: Move HubSpot data from multiple portals into spreadsheets, Google Data Studio, data warehouses, and more to discover insights across data sources.
  • Tableau: Sync HubSpot data to Tablaeu for in-depth analytics, easy-to-share reporting, and dynamic data visualizations.
  • WhatsApp Business: Send WhatsApp messages via HubSpot workflows and sync WhatsApp messages to HubSpot contact records.
  • Zoom: Add video meeting links to marketing emails and sales invitations, plus automate webinar registration and follow-ups.

Why does it matter?

Marketing teams use more tools than ever, but these disconnected end-point solutions leave them with data scattered across their tech stacks. HubSpot’s App Marketplace has 1,250+ ready-to-use integrations, so marketers can connect their tools to Marketing Hub and build world-class experiences that deeply connect with customers. Get started with this curated collection of essential apps for Marketing Hub.


How does it work?

Navigate to HubSpot’s App Marketplace via the marketplace icon in the top right of your HubSpot portal. Select the Essential Apps for Marketers collection in the left sidebar, then select an app and follow the prompts to install it.


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Who gets it?

The HubSpot App Marketplace is available to all customers. Access will vary depending on which app customers use: reference the app’s listing page in HubSpot’s App Marketplace for required subscription levels and permissions.